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Developing with Canappi

Canappi is a modern Code Generation platfom based on "mdsl", an easy to learn and compact programming language: you can write a full twitter app in 30 lines of code !


Why we made it?

Building Mobile Solutions can be challenging. They require an optimized User Experience, they are built on sophisticated architectures and due to the rapid evolution of the mobile platforms, they often need to run on more than one platform.


Time to Market

Canappi comes with support for advanced libraries (Graph, Bar Code Reader, Social Sharing ...), an advanced Web API connector framework and much more ...



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We area small group of experienced IT professionals who want to

Bring the Benefits of Mobility to the Enterpirse

Why Choose Us?

Canappi is an advanced development platform that allows you to build and manage families of mobile solutions.

  • iOS, Android and JQuery
  • Smartphones and Tablets
  • Access to native device APIs
  • Write once, run everywhere
  • Advanced libraries
  • PHP/MySQL or MongoDB
  • Usability Testing
  • Analytics & measurement
  • Consumer Research
  • Usability testing
  • Business and Marketing Strategy

Latest Tweets


Canappi enabled us to build an iPhone app for our SmartinhalerLive platform with speed. I was quite surprised by how quick it was.

Garth Sutherland, Founder and COO
Nexus6 Ltd